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About Us

Royal fruit srl has been founded in Basso Tavoliere delle Puglie, in San Ferdinando di Puglia, by virtue of the endless fascination and love for our own land. Over time the company has developed and perfected a very unique way of working which allowed them to assert themselves into the vast fruit and vegetable market by exporting their own products both at National and international level.

The company’s objective is to meet their clients’ demands still guaranteeing hight-quality products and high standards of negotiation. A careful examination of soil and climate has allowed the company to address the production process towards those cultivation that best fit them, so that we could encourage the fruit’s natural growth and ripening processes, keeping its nutritional facts wholly intact.

Over time we have developed our production up to 175 hectare fields, which have been arranged into vineyards, peach- tree and artichoke-plant fields. The manifactuing phases take place in a 300 mt wide warehouse. There we store I.CO.EL type mechanical weight-calibrators which can weigh peaches for about 50000 kilograms; cold stores with a storage capacity of 1500 platforms; toilets, and analysis and control laboratories.

We have specialised Manpower and most modern tools; our premises are of course arranged according to Italian and EU sanitary legislation. The traceability system and the analysis carried out by qualified laboratories guarantee the products’ authenticity.

Thanks to the constant engagement and a strong sense of responsibility, Royal fruit has received the GLOBALGAP prestigious identification mark. It is a quality standard which acknowledges products grown by “good agricultural practices”, in order to provide safe food in full compliance with workers’ health, safety and welfare, care for the environment and animal species.

This mark’s protocol has been created by EUREPP/Euro Retailer Produce Working Group, which identifies the most important commercial chains in Europe, in order to meet the growing safety demands regarding both foodstuffs and respect for the environment.


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Royal Fruit’s products ripen according to natural cycles and are picked at the right time, so that the can guarantee the best nutritional properties as well as a signature taste


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