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Peach, a tasty and inviting, pleasant and nutritious fruit

The fruit of the peach has been appreciated since Antiquity thanks to its flavour and healthy properties. It is covered in a soft skin which can be velvety or smooth depending on the type. The original peach tree is from China, where it has always been considered a symbol of immortality, and its wonderful flowers have often been celebrated by artists such as poets and painters. The peach is easy to digest, makes one feel full fast and restores mineral salts our bodies lose in summertime.




The delicious, succulent and alluring grapes

Vitis Vinifera is a very old plant; its fruit, grapes, are to be savoured slowly. Grapes feature the shape of a berry, and colour and size vary depending on the the type and ripening. The best season for enjoying grapes’ taste is late summer and beginning of autums, when the fruit has fully ripened and all the nutritional properties in it have come to their completeness.




Apricot, beneficial fruit

The apricot tree is originally from North Eastern China, but has then been spread in Europe thanks to the Romans. It is part of the Rosaceae Family as well as cherries, peaches and plums. This velvet, orangish skinned skin with succulent pulp contains proteins, carbohydrates, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulphur, copper, iron and chlorine. It is also rich in vitamins (A, B, C, PP) which work as an aid for body care and health.




The artichoke: an exquisite and nutritionally valued vegetable

It mainly consists of water and vegetal fibres which help body’s wellbeing. It has strong depurative properties, helping eliminate toxins, and contains vitamins B, C and K. Furthermore, it helps fight oxidation caused by LDL cholesterol. Italy is among the artichoke top producing Countries worldwide, having been cultivating it since XV century.



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